Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Danger For Child Pornography

Needless to participate dizziness and trouble to define pornography, playing the words to find the skill gap. In Islam, mengumbar aurat, describing or narrating an intimate relationship is prohibited .. also, something that can arouse sexual desire that triggers the distribution is not permitted at the place that is unlawful. Because it has been proven to damage, not only in adults and even children.

There are many dangers posed by pornography, which are gradually and can cause addiction. As someone who loves to drink, after a long time he will become addicted. Children are also doing so, more often seen pornography smelly things, the possibility of sexual deviation or sexual addiction bigger.

Moreover, current electronic and mass media, more incentive to show it. Such conditions will increase the potential dangers that exist on pornography. Following this, some of the dangers posed by pornography, based on research and observation in the State which pioneered the free sex (free sex) that is America.

1. Pornography can make children become victims of sexual violence

In western countries that have more free internet access, those with pedhophilia (someone who likes to have sex against small children) and sex hunters use to find prey (the children). The Internet is the medium is evident as a useful tool for them. The more often they are accessing pornography via the Internet, the higher the risk of doing what diihatnya, including sexual violence, rape, and abuse against children sekseual.

2. Pornography relationships with rape and sexual violence

According to one study, children under 14 years of viewing pornography, much more involved practice of sexual deviations, especially rape. At least more than a third of child sexual abusers and rapists in this study, claimed to do that because look at pornography. 53% of principals reported using pornography as a stimulus for action.

Kebiasaanmeng consumption of pornography can lead to dissatisfaction with the form of soft pornography, by contrast the stronger the wish to see the materials that contain irregularities and sexual violence. In one study of inmates who engage in sexual harassment of children, 77% of those who do it for boys and 87% of girls who do recognize the familiar use of pornography as a pusher.

Pornography also facilitate the sexual abuse of children in various ways. For example, pedophiles use the photo / drawing shows a viewing porn on the victim that a certain sexual activity is not why. They would say, "This man enjoyed it, so too you later."

3. Pornography causes sexual diseases, pregnancy outside of marriage, and sex addiction

The more often children see pornography either "soft" or things that contain sexual perversions they will learn a very dangerous message from the makers of pornography, which is "irresponsible sex is allowed and needed." Because pornography encourages sexual expression without responsibility, this will endanger the health of children. One is the continuous improvement of venereal disease.

In the U.S., approximately one of four teenagers who have had sexual intercourse, venereal disease each year. This is yielding 3 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases in adolescents. Average insfeksi Syphilis among adolescents has increased more than two-fold, sejal mid-1980s. The number of children affected by venereal disease every year, more disbanding of all polio patients during 11 years, when the outbreak occurred in 1942-1953. Other results are clearly visible with the existence of sexual activity in children is an increasing number of pregnancies in the group should learners.

Research has shown that men who see seabrek smelling things that pornography before the age of 14 years old (not that after this age may be seeing red), more are sexually active and busy with a wide range of sexual activity than those not seen. One study revealed that among 932 sex addicts, 90% men and 77% perempuanmenyatakan that pornography was correlated significantly with the addiction.

4. Pornography encourages children to do sexual acts against other children

Children often imitate what you read, seen or heard. Many studies have suggested that pornography could encourage them to do sexual acts against children are younger, smaller and weaker. Experts in the field of sexual crimes against children that sexual activity at an adult child who has not always led to two possible triggers: the experience and see. This means that children are sexually deviant may have been exposed or easy to see things through pornography sexual.

In a study of 600 male and female junior high school age and below it in the U.S., researcher Dr. Jennings Bryant found that 91% of men and 82% of women claimed to have been watching pornographic films that contain violent or sexual. More than 66% of men and 40% of women reported inginmencoba some sex scenes that have been seen. And among High School Students (SMP), 31% men and 18% of women claimed to actually do some scenes in pornographic movies, a few days after watching it.

5. Pornography affects formation of attitudes, values and behaviors

The messages are not responsible for the very strong of pornography, can teach children about sexual issues.

Photos, videos, magazines, games, and internet sites depicting rape porn smells and acts berprikemanusiaan in women in the sex scenes, becoming destructive tool for sex education. The danger for children ramify, Part of the change in behavior. Repeatedly, research shows that more and more to see other forms of pornographic images, have a dramatic effect on how they see the perpetrator is female, sexual crimes, sexual relationships, and sex in general. The conclusion of these studies in kenayataan incontrovertible, namely:

When the male respondents were given a rough kind of pornography for at least six weeks, they are:


Formed nature of sexually abusive towards women increasing

Starting underestimate rape as a crime or no longer consider it a crime

Formed a distorted perception of sex

Appeared great desire to kind of pornography that more deviant, bizarre, or cruel (normal sex no longer felt satisfied)

Eliminate the significance of marriage and reduce the conviction that marriage is a legal bond

Observing the behavior of free sex as normal and natural

6. Pornography disrupt identity and development of children

During certain critical time in childhood, the brain child has programmed about the sexual orientation. During this period, these thoughts about what looks to build networks that stimulate or attract someone. Seeing the norms and healthy sexual behavior during that critical time, can form a healthy sexual orientation. Conversely, if they see sexual deviation can be etched in his brain and become a permanent part of their sexual orientation.

Psychologist Dr findings. Victor Cline stated that memories of experiences that occur when feelings of arousal (including here sexual stimuli), soldered in the brain by epinephrine, a hormone in the adrenal glands, and hard to remove. This may be partly an explanation of the influence of opium pornography. Viewing pornography can potentially create a condition of a person to repeat their sexual fantasies while masturbating.

Sexual identity is formed gradually in childhood and adolescence. In fact, children generally do not have a natural sexual power until the age of 10 and 12 years. During its development, the children especially prone pegaruh affecting the development process. Short path through pornography distort normal personality development process, denganmemberikan wrong information about sexuality, feelings of self and body that make the child confused, changed and corrupted.

Pornography is often introduced on sexual sensation prematurely. Besides, in development, children are not yet ready to face it. Knowledge of sexual sensation can be confusing and give excessive stimulation in children. Pornography and sexual stimulation that is obtained from the final result is soul destroying. For example, if the initial stimulation in a boy is pornographic photos, he'll get used aroused through photographs. The result is difficult for a person experiencing sexual satisfaction apart from pornographic images.

Children are God's mandate. To that end, should be preserved and best educated. Do not let morals and moral pornography poisoned the already proven bad effects. Muslims should be taking lessons from the nation's moral bobroknya followed the west due to their own lusts. Not malahmeniru and tried to civilize. Do not relakan our children are already in the sanctity of Islam tarnished by evil culture.

Source: Marriage Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4, July 2004