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Protect Children from Internet Dangers - If well used, would have a positive impact of Internet technology. Someone can easily find the information you want known. By simply typing in the search engines (search engines), there are plenty of web sites referenced on this information. The existence of the e-mail allows a person can send a letter to other people quickly and easily. Chat room (chat room) allows one to communicate with many people far from each other at once. Or emerging, the presence of social networking websites like Facebook or Friendster, which allows one to find old friends who have not encountered.

However, the positives of the Internet turned out to be bad when used irresponsibly. Many children are addicted or addicted to the Internet so they are comfortable to linger in front of the computer so will not forget their obligations more important to eat, bathe and even reluctant to learn. One cause of a child is much like the Internet because they get a new experience and they can find comfort. Or they get something from this virtual world that can not be obtained in the real world. In the virtual world can become someone else he desired. For example, a child who is shy can be easily met through a chat, or e-mail. In online games, they can create their characters in the character of a beautiful, rich, or anything else that might differ from their real life.

Danger Internet Pornography

Even more alarming is when a child is addicted to pornography on the Internet. Within a week there are more than 4000 porn sites created! Truly alarming figures. It not only struck the children, many adults because they are also addicted to pornography on the Internet as easily and without shame, a person can access and view pornographic images even through mobile phones.

Initially, perhaps a child does not intend to view pornography and will utilize the Internet for a good purpose. However, this porn site can emerge suddenly as a child looking for material information for his school assignment or for other purposes. A child who is innocent can not be considered good or bad a thing, then a child aged 8-12 years are often a target.

At this age, the brain before a child is not yet well developed. While the brain is the central front to conduct the assessment, planning, and an executive who will tell your body to do something. On the back of the brain supports the forebrain. Here also produced dopamine, the hormone that produces feelings of comfort, relaxation or a fly on someone.

A child who is addicted to hard to stop the habit so that he will do so repeatedly. Children may feel guilty but do not dare to express his feelings to his parents because of fear or a busy father and mother. In the state of anxiety, the brain rotates 2.5 times faster than usual during a normal rotation. Due to this rotation is too rapid, the brain of a child can be shrunk so that the brain does not physically well developed. A condition that can damage a child's future. In addition, the images are obscene pornographic web site, will usually inherent and difficult to be eliminated in the minds of children in the long term.

Dangers of Sexual Predators

Internet is also often exploited by unscrupulous are not responsible for deceiving children. There are 750,000 sexual predators or predators that take advantage of every day rumpi space (chat room) to get acquainted, then take her to have sex. If not careful, the parties shall not be liable to steal personal identity that can be used to commit the crime.

Feature of Internet Addiction

Characteristics of a child who is already addicted to the Internet generally will be angry if you limit to use the Internet. He also tends reluctant to communicate with others and are closed or just want to be friends with certain people.

How to Avoiding Internet Dangers

Various dangers on the Internet and Internet addiction problems are not insurmountable. By knowing the negative impact of the Internet, as a parent you can protect your baby by doing the following things:

Parents need to have knowledge about the Internet
Do not assume yourself terlau old or too stupid to learn the Internet. Other terms, do not be clueless about computers (technology illiterate). A child may have intentionally allowed or make parents do not understand the technology so that parents think there is no negative impact from the Internet.
Put the computer in a place that is easily seen
Sometimes parents feel proud to be putting in their child's room a computer connected to the Internet. This is actually going to harm your child because they can freely access the sites that are not good without a known parent. Conversely, by placing in the open, for example in the family room, you can monitor what sites are opened children.
Help for children can make their own decisions
Because you can not supervise your children 24 hours, familiarize your child to make decisions ranging from small things. For example, decided to use clothing where or ask opinions and viewpoints of children. So when you do not exist or appear as a porn site they can take appropriate action. Embed this is also the fear of God, so even if you do not exist, but he knew that God watched and saw what he was doing.
Restrict Internet usage
Do not let your children are too engrossed in the virtual world. Specify how long the Internet may be used and what sites might be accessed. Describe also why you do this and help the child to understand this decision.
Keep good communication with children
Take the time to joke with the kids and communicate openly. Good communication and familiarity with the child will be easier for you to inculcate moral values. You can explain to your children what the dangers of Internet use so they are not easily fooled.

All parents would love their kids and try to give my best. But outside influences, one of the dangers the Internet can ruin a child intelligence and moral values so you need to protect your children from the dangers of Internet use, such as pornography and the sexual predator or a predator.

Hazard Reduction Pornography

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Porn storm that hit this nation, and attacked from all corners of the eyes of the wind, willy-nilly have to be addressed and faced together the entire community with a variety of efforts as well. Broadly speaking there must be two:

1. Internal Handling: Enhancing self and family resilience
2. External handler: The existence of strict regulation and adequate legal umbrella


Terrible human exposure to the tsunami has made the educators and hie blingsatan invites leaders to rebuild and spread the spirit of the concerns with the whip again affirming the spirit of family life, and make "family resilience" as a learning module that must be transmitted.

Elly Risman is a psychologist, a recipient of "Care Award 2007" version of Young Indonesian Forum, which was a dozen years ago there was vandalism menenggarai will hit the resilience of the systemic character of the nation. Special deal with a storm of pornography today, Elly invites parents reviewed the basic education is not just a theory of religion in every household, but more focus to the practice. Then Elly also urge parents not stuttering technology, and re-evaluate the way we communicate with children and realize that the availability of time for baby is an element that should be a priority. Elly satirical, how families 'modern' has now transformed into a weekend parent. (Though in the mood for the weekend and holidays nasionalpun, so many parents are still working even perform tasks outside the region to domestic and family).

Children and adolescents who have self-defense, usually a product of parents who managed to build family resilience.

Now, to build family resilience, communication becomes a key issue.

Following tips given Elly Risman to build healthy communication within the family:

1. Recognize children
2. Grow self-esteem & self confidence children
3. Familiarise children to think, choose and make their own decisions
4. Provide children with the knowledge and skills to protect yourself and always be alert to any possible dangers that threaten.


Parents do not realize how important it is to explain about touch and how to react to it. Children are not taught from an early age, how to interpret the touch of the 'safe' and what does not. Most parents also do not explain the difference between strangers, families and muhrim.

When diet and lifestyle has changed, where nutrition and protein intake is far better to make children grow faster physically, but parents often fail to align with the readiness of the mental, and spiritual.

Most children entering the adolescent period Baligh without guidance from parents. They own the course explores the new world so foreign to him until they sometimes stumbling through it, including when faced with a virus attack pornography. Not many parents who eloquently explained the danger of free sex and the impact of pornography on children, precisely the opposite in fact his own parents who consciously or not facilitate the entry of toxins.

Furthermore, Elly Risman provide tools how to behave and what we should do;


Let us look into ourselves, how our relationship with the child so far. Especially how build lasting communication daily and what are the consequences for the establishment of self-esteem of children. For parents who are good at communicating, then the child's soul bags will be full. Like a ping-pong balls filled, it will easily rolled to and fro, so parents have no difficulty in directing children safely pursue the road of life.

B. Prepare the children.

1. Increasing effective communication patterns

2. Planting and discuss about moral values and religion

3. Repair self-esteem; If a child is grown self-esteem, then the child feels himself worthy. Thus the child will have the confidence to determine attitudes, choose and decide.

To beware:

1. With whom children interact
2. What are the activities of the child from time to time
3. Where do children spend time
4. What and how the spectacle as well as their reading
5. The contents of the mobile phone subsidiary (parent galaxy wise shall know by the way, so the child does not feel right and her personal life dikangkangi)
6. What sites are accessed child. Monitor every time the child opens the internet, and never put a computer with internet access in a private room. Computer should be placed in the living room with the screen facing the open space where people passing by, rather than facing a wall, so anyone easily monitor what is being played, worked and accessed child.
7. Sex education needs, but goalnya not to do safely (safe sex) but that the child did not. For example, Islam forbids adultery parishioners approached, so in other words, do not try to approach let alone do it.


To overcome such a vicious storm, it is not possible parents can do alone without cooperative ties with various parties such as:

1. A fellow member of the family
2. With the school
3. With a domestic servant
4. With driver
5. With neighbors
6. Other communities where children and socializing activities


* Know yourself
* Do not consume any form of pornography
* Decide who want to achieve goals & how to achieve it
* Recognize the impact of technology on themselves and the future
* How mewakafkan self, time and effort for the protection of children and adolescents from the adverse effect of media and technology
* Find / forms anti-porn group who routinely entered into with the related approaches, campaigned aggressively anti-porn and give rewards to the cafe-net cafe porn.
* Critical of various entertainments and write as much criticism to the various mass media
* If you see the show / entertainment / media is no moral worth, immediately made plans escalation of issues, define the concept paper to clarify the positioning guide to every stakeholder.
* The culture of the day without a tv in their homes, once a year, once a month, up to once a week once.
* Join the ASA Young, where the activists mangkalnya student / youth is critical, dynamic, idealistic, and have seabreg potential and achievement and a major concern with the noble values of the nation. God willing, no less cool with the gang of "The Rising Stars," which stated J.

What Pornography That?

Pornography That?

Busy people protested hetika a pornographic magazine from Ameriha diterbithan of Indonesia, the fact, without any imports from the West on the sin! sesah even breaths we were surrounded by pornography!

Do not bother going to the major bookstores in Jakarta/dikota2 to search for pornographic magazines, lives walking toward the stalls and shanties tabloid newspaper sellers in the market and the nearest we can find a variety of print media with pictures and writing dirty. Songs, movies, soap operas, comics and porn sites are easily accessible to children and adolescents who live in urban areas.

According to U.S. Attorney General in 1986, the main consumers of pornography (whether in the form of magazines, the Internet, tabloids, etc..) In America are young men aged 12 to 17 years. But, according to research on adolescent counselors and Fruit We Heart Foundation,

most of the 1705 class of elementary school children in Greater Jakarta 4.5 and 6 that they examined was already in contact with pornography, in various formats and through various media!

When busy people debating on whether to place anti-pornography legislation bersliweranlah various definitions of pornography that seem loose and strict accordance with the needs and interests of the giver definition.

One Islamic website in North America,, explaining that the pornography was not only include images or impressions are hard core and naked / nudity (nudity), but also people who do not dress appropriate / minimal, sexual situations, kissing, Touching between the opposite / same type, and humor porn.

According to the work of Collin Family Home Dictionary, pornography is the writing * writings, pictures or movies designed for the purposes of sexual satisfaction or pleasure.

In the West, it is the pornography industry is worth billions of dollars USA 12-13 per year, more than the combined industry of Coca Cola and Mc.Donnel Douglas (aircraft manufacturer).

Website best-known porno magazine reportedly received 4.7 million visits elekironik (hits) per day! More than 30% sites in the world is pornogarfi website.

Fuss, major damage to society caused by pornography - such as sexual abuse of children even at the household and destruction - not just happening in the West.

Now, with the help of sophisticated information technology such as internet, television and satellite phones, the Muslim-majority Indonesia, which had become one of the victims (both producers) of pornography in a large scale. For example, a child who was given the job of elementary school to write essays about insects and find information on the internet, chances are it will get pornography. When typed "fly" or "mosquitoes" in the search engines like Google or Yahoo, there is also the site * porn sites that use those names!

Some impressions into consumption teenage soap opera that we teach our children to experiment with the pornography and adultery. One of them played by SCTV one scene shows a group of uniformed high school teens who together watching a porn movie and then a pair for the pair of them went into the room to vent rnereka lust.

Some movies that make commotion in Indonesia, such as Kiss Hurry Gue or Virgin, for example, was made based on the movie *- movie from an American slob mengumbar adultery scenes between brother and half brother, a student with a teacher, or a kind friend. In the film Virgin, for example, there are scenes of a girl who sold her virginity for Rp 10 million to an old man in the bathroom of a mall just to buy a cell phone camera!

Thus, do not think that because we live in Indonesia so our children safe from the dangers of pornography. Some of the statistics below are obtained in the West, but it could be a picture of our own society.

"O ye who believe, keep dirirnu and your family from the fire of hell which the fuel is men and stones; guardian angels of the rough, tough, who do not disobey Allah in what He commanded them and always do what diperiniahkan. " (Surat At-Tahrim: 6)